About the Artist

Hey! My name is Hannah Stelter.
And I am the Scribble Lady.

Picture of Hannah Stelter

My name is Hannah and I am an artist from Moorhead, Minnesota. I would say I am most known for my "Perfectly Imperfect" drawing tutorials on TikTok (@hannahstelter2) and my scribble lady paintings and illustrations. My artwork is a representation of true beauty in this life. Absolutely nothing is perfect in this world, and that is okay because your imperfections are what make you who you are. They make you unique. 

I create all my pieces with my glass dip pen in my signature scribble style. I also have named my signature drawing of women "Scribble Ladies" hence why I have coined myself The Scribble Lady. 

My biggest inspiration in my artwork has been the response from the people who love my art. I create what I do, the way that I do to spread some positivity in this world. I want to show people just how beautiful they are through my artwork. I also want to show people that there are more than one way to view art. By creating imperfect tutorials, I help take the stress off of creating to bring the joy back in. 

Artwork aside, I am a pretty crafty bitch who spends most of her money on traveling, red wine, and Doc Martens. I don't believe in clothing sizes and excessively celebrate the hell out of holidays. I can be found belting out mamma Mia on the counter tops on a Sunday night...occasionally. Yoga is my safe space.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, below are my socials where you can follow along my life.

Tik Tok: @hannahstelter2

Instagram: @designed.by.hannah

YouTube: Hannah Stelter