Accepting Custom Art Requests!

Love my work and want to take it one step further with a scribble portrait of yourself or specifically curated for your space? Fill out my form for a quote! Pricing details included in the form.

Fill out my custom art request form!

Base Pricing For Custom Pieces

Watercolor on Paper

5.5"x8.5" - $500

8"x10" - $800

9"x12" - $1000

11"x14" - $1500

12"x16" - $2,000

16"x20 - $3,000

18x24" - $4,500

Acrylic on Canvas

11x14" - $1,500

16"x20" - $3,000

18"x24" - $4,500

24"x36" - $5,500

36"x48" - $9,000

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FAQ about custom work

Process for Custom Scribble Portraits

Step 1: fill out the contact form and answer the questions

Step 2: I will quote you your price and project start date

Step 3: If the price/process works for you, I will send over your contract and send you an invoice for a 50% nonrefundable downpayment to get started

Step 4: I have a 60 day turnaround from your start date, sooner for a rush fee

Do I have to send you a Nude for a Custom Scribble Portrait?


Typically people either send a nude, or a bikini/underwear photo. I will use artistic license to fill in the rest.

Do I do tattoo Designs?

I currently am not doing tattoo designs.

You can also request a "Tattoo Ticket" for the right to use any of my already existing artwork as a tattoo for $30

Do you do Pet Portraits?

Yes I do, my form is geared toward human portraits, so just do your best to answer the questions and make sure to note it at the end.

Can you make me slimmer/enlarge my boobs, make my d*ck larger?

No. I only draw people as they are. The whole point of this process is to show you how beautiful you already are by turning you into art.

I want to wait until I am [thinner, lost pregnancy weight, more toned, etc] before doing my portrait.

I encourage you to take the leap and do it now:

A) It will help you appreciate your present beauty

B) You can always get another one when you hit said goal, but there its no time like the present to see how beautiful you already are.

Want to Hire Me For Something Else?

Custom Scribble Portraits, Private Classes, LIVE painting at events and pretty much anything else as long as its awesome!

Read on for all the details. Don't get your question answered? Jump right to the contact form at the bottom!

EVENTS - LIVE Painting

Want me to create a painting start to finish to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding or grand opening?

Base Pricing

$1000 booking fee - This includes setup and teardown

Hourly Rate: $1000 (rate for a 16"x20" painting, rate increases as the size of painting increases)

Travel Fees: Gas/Flight, Hotels will be included in price if I am travelling to you

Fill out the contact form below for inquires.

CUSTOM Workshops

Want me to come teach a class for a ladies night in, birthday party, or for your workplace? Or maybe you want me to host a virtual workshop for you and your extended family to enjoy from a distance.

Virtual Per Person - No Supplies: $20/person

-follow along with your own supplies

In-Person Workshop - No Supplies: $40/person

-I will bring supplies for you to use for the workshop

Per Person - Full Supply Kit: $100/person: Includes Glass Pen Kit, paint, paper, and brushes

-supplies are mailed to you if virtual, and you get to keep them if it is in-person

Fill out the contact form below for inquires.


Want me to come in an speak about my journey as a professional artist and how I built a 6 figure business in just under 2 years? YES YES YES I would love to!

I would love to speak for your organization, please reach out for pricing.


My Ted Talk: The Middle Finger Method

Other Topics: Artist Journey, Elevate your short form content, What is your brand (business, personal or both), The Art Fair Circuit for Beginners, and more.

Fill out the contact form below for inquires.

Creative Business Dream Session

I started my 6 figure business with NO money and ZERO investment.

From creativity brainstorming sessions to details future planning, to showing you my secrets to success, I can help you turn art into a full-time career.

In these calls we will dream big, set goals, and envision the future. Many times all it takes is someone else to share your vision to give you the momentum to get started and move forward.

Creative Brainstorm : $200/hour

Fill out the contact form below for inquires.

Or book a $25 Video Response to any questions you have on Cameo!

Book a $25 Cameo

Have an awesome request? Shoot me a message, I'm open to anything!

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