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THE Scribble Lady Herself - Hannah Stelter

The Scribble Lady herself, Hannah Stelter is a working artist who focuses on self love and body positivity through expressive portraiture. Her mission as an artist is to help more people celebrate and embrace there bodies. Her signature collection is her Scribble Lady series, drawing portraits of real women from all around the world.

She also is the creative mastermind being Scribble Lady, and art supply and gift boutique centered on helping make art less scary and more fun for beginners.

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Open Edition Prints

  • Originals on Canvas

    Statement Pieces sure to wow.

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  • 2023 Calendars

    3 Calendars for 2023:

    Scribble Human Calendar

    A Year in my LIVES Calendar

    Aerial Arts Calendar

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  • Watercolor Scribble Human Portraits

    This collection is all original, watercolor portraits of real people from all over the world.

    Next Collection Releasing in January

  • Painted During Livestream Originals

    I livestream from 9-10pm every Tuesday and take drawing requests from all who join thee live. These pieces were drawn during the livestreams.

    Currrently Not available for purchase

  • Painted During LIVEstream PRINTS

    Every once in awhile I drop a limited print collection for the LIVEstream collection. Keep an eye out.

    Currently there are none available.

  • Scribble Portrait Prints

    Limited Edition Prints of my Scribble Human Portraits.

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  • My name is Hannah and I do ALL THE THINGS

Join my Weekly Tuesday Night LIVEstream!

Every Tuesday from 9pm-10pm CST I LIVEstream on Instagram @designed.by.hannah and TikTok @hannahstelter2 and taking drawing requests from the people in the stream! Its super chill, you can watch or draw along with me!

Every Wednesday at 12pm CST, I think list all the new drawings in shop shop if you wish to collect a piece from the stream!

Collect the LIVEstream Artworks

One Year of LIVEstream drawings, in a book!

After my first full year of LIVEstreaming, I collected all 300+ drawings into a book titled "A Year in My LIVES"

All the pieces were suggested by strangers all over the globe, and drawn by me, on the spot, with no prior practice.

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Let's Talk about my Scribble Ladies

My Scribble Ladies are a testament to all things body positivity. Every piece you see is of a real human. My goal with these pieces is to represent every kind of body possible and help people change their perspective and view themselves as the pieces of art they already are.

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Featured collection

"Nothing in this world is perfect. Instead of comparing ourselves and our work to others, we can embrace the art of imperfection. You are perfectly imperfect. Your art is perfectly imperfect. And that is beautiful."

Hannah Stelter

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