• My Artwork is about Embracing Imperfection

    Done in a scribbly style, my artwork looks to be full of imperfections up close.


    However, when you take a step back, the "imperfections" are no longer noticed and you see a beautiful piece of art.

  • This is a testament to how we can view ourselves.

    Up close we might have things we deem imperfections. My art is meant to serve as a reminder to take that step back and see yourself for the artwork you are.

Hannah Stelter is a 24 year-old Professional Artist and Business Owner

From fine art all about body positivity, to being a TikTok art-influencer, to teaching workshops, to creating my own art supply and sticker business, Hannah does a LOT, so read on to see what all is found under the magical umbrella that she calls The Art of Imperfection

Artist AND Business Owner, Meet Scribble Lady

Hannah is known for her "Perfectly Imperfect" drawing tutorials on TikTok (@hannahstelter2) and her use of the Glass Dip Pen. In November 2022 she launched her art supply company Scribble Lady centered around her own custom art supply line.

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"Absolutely nothing is perfect in this world, and that is okay because your imperfections are what make you who you are. They make you unique."

I create all my pieces with my glass dip pen in my signature scribble style. I also have named my signature drawing of women "Scribble Ladies" hence why I have coined myself The Scribble Lady. 

My biggest inspiration in my artwork has been the response from the people who love my art. I create what I do, the way that I do to spread some positivity in this world. I want to show people just how beautiful they are through my artwork. I also want to show people that there are more than one way to view art. By creating imperfect tutorials, I help take the stress off of creating to bring the joy back in.

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Join my weekly Tuesday night LIVE

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Every Tuesday from 9pm-10pm CST I LIVEstream on Instagram @designed.by.hannah and TikTok @hannahstelter2 and taking drawing requests from the people in the stream! Its super chill, you can watch or draw along with me!

Every Wednesday at 12pm CST, I think list all the new drawings in shop shop if you wish to collect a piece from the stream!

View Previous Drawings

One year of LIVEstream drawings, in a book.

After my first full year of LIVEstreaming, I collected all 300+ drawings into a book titled "A Year in My LIVES"

All the pieces were suggested by strangers all over the globe, and drawn by me, on the spot, with no prior practice.

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Founder of Scribble Lady

An art supply company, Scribble Lady fosters creativity through the art of imperfection. Scribble Lady carries Stickers, Cards, Merch, and Art Supplies such as glass pen kits, watercolor palettes, sketchbooks, brushes and more.

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Some Fun Facts

Artwork aside, I am a pretty crafty bitch who spends most of her money on traveling, red wine, and Doc Martens. I don't believe in clothing sizes and excessively celebrate the hell out of holidays. I can be found belting out mamma Mia on the counter tops on a Sunday night...occasionally. Yoga is my safe space. Oh yeah and did I mention I am a competitive pole dancer?