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Designed By Hannah

Calm - Mixed Media Original

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This piece is one of the 8 pieces The Art of Feeling is centered on. Each piece a self portrait representing a core emotion and how I feel it, paired with a poem: 

How Calm Feels
And a calm sets in 
All encompassing 
I’m balanced and free
Peace swirling around me

I float as I walk
Gliding through life 
Daydreaming with ease
A smile so bright

My emotions they come and they go
Ebb and flow 
But this time it’s different 
This time I know 
My feelings will hint 
Before they consume
I am ready to listen 
To grow and bloom

I dance and I sway 
Balanced if only for today
I exist in the Here 
I am The Now 
I am blissfully calm 
And i am proud 
And here in my zen 
I’m protecting my peace 
I am calm 
I am happy 
I feel like me 


Mixed Media on Canvas 
Comes with a certificate of authenticity 

Mixed Medias

This piece includes acrylic paint, black glitter, and imitation jewels

This artwork debuted at the 2024 I F*@%ING LOVE MYSELF event and is available for financing through with up to a 12 month payment plan. No hidden fees or credit checks, helps make collecting my artwork more accessible! When you view your cart, if the total is over $1,000, you will see an option to pay with

Please allow 4-6 weeks after final payment for delivery of your artwork. I have a small but mighty team and every single artwork is packaged with meticulous care. Thank you for understanding!  


I am actively pitching this collection: The Art of Feeling to galleries, and will need this back on loan if the collection is selected to show anywhere. I will have a contract for you to sign with this agreement, please email with any questions. 

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