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Designed By Hannah

Fear - 1/1 Framed Canvas Print

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Embellished Print on Canvas 
11"x14" framed to 11.5"x14.5"
I will only be doing ONE embellished print of each emotion.

This piece is one of the 8 pieces The Art of Feeling is centered on. Each piece a self portrait representing a core emotion and how I feel it, paired with a poem: 

How Fear Feels
My emotions they come and they go
Ebb and flow
And sometime my body doesn’t know 
Whats next
Fear consumes
Freezing my every thought

And I asked myself for many days
What does fear feel like
The moment a haze 

To put it the most simplest of ways 
Fear comes in an instant
Appears unannounced 
Felt first in the heart 
And then all about 

That gut wrenching message
That terrible news
That leaves me with wonders 
Thoughts worries and views 
Of a world of unknowns 
The future a fright 
Fear has arrived
no thoughts in sight

My heart skips a beat
And falls deep deep deep
into the pit that has now been dug in my stomach 

I try to move 
I’m frozen 
Every step gasping for an ounce of non-existent energy. 

My body tingles
My head is clear 
of any thought but that of fear

Behind trails my heart

I am afraid. I am frozen. I fear the unknown.



This piece will be embellished with imitation jewels  

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